Products and Resources

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This page is a work in progress, so please come back to learn about more means of self-care.

Back Care Products

Ideal for use in your car or any chair. This wedge tilts your pelvic forward, giving you a natural curve to your low back which supports good posture throughout your spine.

Neck Care Products

While nothing beats a trained therapists finger tips in releasing the sub occipital muscles, this device can help in between therapy sessions. It can also be used to relive tension in other areas of the spine.

Ergonomic Products

An ergonomic keyboard is one of the best ways to prevent carpal tunnel, as well as easing shoulder and neck tightness. It’s a must have for anyone who works on a computer and especially for people using a laptop.

General Self-Care Products

4 inch therapy balls are ideal for easing tension out of the fascia and muscles. Simple place the ball at any are of tenderness or tightness, lean into a wall, or lie on the floor, and remain for three to five minutes. You can also roll on the ball over an effected area to add a gentle massing effect.

Recommended Books and Articles

Written by my one of my many teachers, this book will help you understand the importance of the Myofascial system and how we can gently release old physical and/or emotional trauma through.