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Myofascial Release is a form of bodywork that utilizes gentle sustained pressure to release tension in the body's fascial network

What is FASCIA?

• Fascia is a three-dimensional web that surrounds and infuses all the physical structures of our bodies.
• Fascia connects every part of the body to another. The fascial system gives support and stability, yet allows for flexibility and motion. This tough connective tissue acts as a shock absorber in the body.
• Connective tissue becomes shortened following a fall, bone break or, fracture, whiplash, surgery, or emotional trauma -– and progressively tightens over time if left untreated.
• This causes pain and decreased mobility, eventually resulting in faulty mechanics and altered structural alignment in the body.
• Myofascial restriction does not show up on any of the standard tests done today (MRI, CAT scan, x-rays, etc.).
• Myofascial Release technique has helped many people overcome acute and long-term (5-20 years) chronic pain problems, even after they were told “you have to live with it” or “it’s all in your head.”
• Pain is a symptom, not the problem. MFR is effective because it treats the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.
• Many of the symptoms that you experience that become labeled and diagnosed by the medical community could possibly be a result of this network of tissue (fascial system) clamping down on and compressing the structures giving us what we call a diagnose or symptom.

Will I see immediate results?

Many clients notice some relief of their symptoms after one session. It can take three to four visits booked either once or twice a week for the body to more fully respond to this treatment.

How many sessions does it take to get well?

This is a commonly asked question and the answer is "I don't know." We all have our unique life histories and fascial structure that connects to our biochemistry. Each of us has an individualized process of healing as well. Each treatment plan is unique and we will decide together how often and for how long you should come in. Experience has also shown that clients who perform MFR self-treatment techniques at home have more long-lasting, positive results.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you are sick or have been around anyone diagnosed with Covid-19 or other contagious virus, you will need to cancel your appointment. Contact me if this is within 24 hours of your session. Unless you are cancelling due to illness, I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. This allows me time to fill your allotted time if you cannot make it in. If you need to miss an appointment and do not cancel at least 24 hours in advance, you may be charged a $75 no show fee.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I require payment at the time of service. I accept health spending accounts (HSA), credit cards, debit cards, cash, check, and Venmo.

Do you accept medical insurance?

I do not accept medical insurance but if you have out-of-network coverage, I can give you a super bill that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement purposes.

Do you accept automobile insurance (MedPay)

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident I can bill your automobile insurance for up to the $5000 MedPay amount allotted to each accident. Once you have reached the maximum allowable amount (which includes treatments from other providers if you are receiving other treatment) I will expect payment at the time of service and will provide invoices for you to send to your medical insurance and/or lawyer should you choose to hire an attorney. Please call me at 303-818-7366 to discuss your situation and receive pre-approval.

Do you offer Packages?

Please ask us about our packages where you can save up to $150 by pre-paying for your sessions.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Gift certificates make a wonderful gift for holidays, birthdays, or to show someone you care. Gift certificates may be used towards any of the listed services. You can either use the receipt from your transaction or, at your request, I can mail you an attractive gift certificate.

Fascia: The Body's Remarkable, Functional Glue